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Full Body IPL Hair Removal

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Price: £1999.00 for six sessions

Save over £700 on individual sale prices.


Compared with traditional IPL, our Pain Free IPL uses the latest model treating all types of skin, including dark skin. It is certainly less painful, and definitely more effective.


IPL is currently the most modern and most cost effective method of removing unnecessary hair with the help of the pulsing light. The IPL emits a gentle beam of light which is mainly absorbed by the hair follicle, leaving the skin unharmed. The IPL delivers energy which is absorbed in the hair and transformed to heat. The heat destroys the hair follicle within a small fraction of a second. If left alone, our clients notice some of the treated hair starting to fall out after 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment.


Unfortunately, our clients will not be able to have IPL treatment if they have: Vitiligo / Severe diabetes / Herpes / Liver disease / Photosensitive epilepsy / Heart diseases or Pacemakers / Cancer


Our Pain Free IPL brings hairless smooth skin to many clients, both male and female.


Please note that the total number of sessions required to remove all body hair varies between individuals.


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