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Full legs and Brazilian/Hollywood IPL Hair Removal

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Price: £499 (six sessions)


Pain free IPL using the latest  SHR units. Our treatments involve No drugs, No surgery, & No side-effects. The laser emits a gentle beam of light which only is absorbed by the hair follicle (leaving the skin unharmed). The laser delivers energy which is absorbed in the hair and transformed to heat. The heat destroys the hair follicle within a small fraction of a second.

The key to optimum results is being able to adjust the pulsewidth (the amount of time the laser is on) so that it can pass through the thin layer of skin to reach the deep hair follicles.

IPL is currently the most modern and most effective method of removing unnecessary hair with the help of the pulsing light.

What is important, it is pain free, short-lived, and carried out by an experienced therapist,side effects are minimal and rare.

Often used term “hair removal”, with reference to the treatment, is not totally correct because the hair removal is only a temporal, and the hair grow back in consequence after some time (it takes place, e.g. during tearing out hair with wax, shaving with a shaver, etc.). The hair removal carried out with the IPL machine reduces hair permanently.

Please note that total number of sessions required to completely remove hair varies between individuals.



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