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Laser Hair Removal - Medium Area

Laser Hair Removal - Medium Area

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Medium areas:£279 (6 sessions)

Standard / Extended Bikini Line


Hands and Feet

Half Face

Lower / Upper arms

Lower Back 



Compared with traditional laser hair removal, our top of the range ICE Diode Laser machine uses the latest technology to combine multiple Laser Wavelengths. It is the safest laser hair removal methods for all types of skin, including dark skin. It is certainly the least painful, and definitely the most effective.


Our top of the range ICE Diode Laser uses pulses of infrared light that penetrate the surface of the skin, gradually heating the hair follicles until they are incapable of growing new hair.  With the very advanced cooling technology, our clients enjoy a completely pain-free, cool and comfortable experience throughout the treatment. 


Unfortunately, our clients will not be able to have Laser hair removal treatment if they have: Vitiligo / Severe diabetes / Herpes / Liver disease / Photosensitive epilepsy / Heart diseases or Pacemakers / Cancer


Our ICE Diode Laser hair removal brings hairless smooth skin to many clients, both male and female.


Please note that the total number of sessions required to remove all body hair varies between individuals.

We use"/" to mean "or". All our IPL prices are for a course of six treatments.



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